Making Money

CHA had owned and managed hotels; we built them, we bought them and we operated them. As managers we knew what was important - sound construction and maintenance, the right flag, professional marketing and sales, attention to cost control and good communications. Then there's financial information - it has to be timely, accurate and easy to interpret so that trends can be spotted and fast decisions can be made. That's what owners do in order to ensure an acceptable return on investment. We did it for ourselves - we can help you accomplish your goals.

Choosing The Right Flag

Choosing the right flag for any given property is crucial. It's something that takes a great deal of experience and inside knowledge of where franchise companies and their individual brands are headed. We have strong relationships with all the major players in the industry and experience in what brand works where. We've changed flags in properties we've bought, we're chosen flags for new-builds - it's a critical decision, and a key benefit you get with CHA.

Financial Reports and Communications

When you're running a business there's nothing more important than having financial information at your fingertips - in a form you can interpret easily, spot trends and take action. We put a high priority on it. Another major component of our management style is communications. We keep close to our properties and to the industry and ensure that our people know what they need to know to do their job. We also appreciate the owner's need to be kept fully informed on the important matters affecting their business - there should never be any surprises.

“the most important decisions in you make in life are the partners you choose”