Jerry Petitt

Tony Rothwell

"You and your team are the most professional group I could ever hope to work with. You and Jerry are men of outstanding character and it has been a true pleasure to work with you for the past 8 years" - Steve Willison, Geyser Holdings

"Experience, integrity, reputation, relationships" – things that come with all the years the CHA management team have been involved in the hospitality industry.

We spent years as franchisers building marketing and reservation systems for industry leaders. Then many years working with Choice, Marriott, Hilton and Best Western building, owning and managing hotels all over the country. This puts us in a unique position in the hotel industry to offer the following services:

  • consultant services - including market analysis, negotiating with the franchise companies, refurbishment projects from choice of vendors to project management, marketing and sales advice and portfolio acquisition or disposition
  • new property development - from the feasibility study to opening the doors to the first guest
  • improving the management of your existing property - improving its performance and profitability with strong revenue management, sales and cost controls
  • franchise negotiation - our relationship with franchise companies can help mediate franchiseer/franchisor disputes

Inn at Aspen
Consulted for this condo hotel's ownership group, negotiated purchase of common areas, reviewed branding opportunities and  renegotiated management contract.

Our long-time credo is:

'the most important decisions you make in life are the partners you choose'.

Contact me or my partner Tony Rothwell to discuss your project or hotel situation. We look forward to hearing from you."

Tony Rothwell

Jerry Petitt

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